North Africa Dreamin' is an event similar to Salesforce Tour or Dreamforce, but organized by the Moroccan Salesforce community. This is an opportunity for all Salesforce professionals to meet and learn during the different sessions that will be offered throughout the day.
All community groups are available at https://www.trailblazercommunitygroups.com Do not forget to join the Moroccan community : https://trailblazercommunitygroups.com/casablanca-morocco/
North Africa Dreamin 'will take place on Saturday 19 October 2019
North Africa Dreamin 'will take place at the Idou Anfa Hotel & Spa - 85 Boulevard d'Anfa, Casablanca 20000, Morocco
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From the airport, take the train to Casa Port Station.
Once in the center of Casablanca, take a taxi and ask him to drive you to the hotel Idou Anfa, located Boulevard d'Anfa.
There will be no private parking but you will find plenty of parking spaces in the vicinity supervised by street guards
You can book a room directly at the event venue in Idou Anfa (http://www.hotelidouanfa.com)
Many other hotels are also at your disposal. Take a look at booking.com
The hotel Idou Anfa has 3 restaurants available. Find the restaurants menu on http://www.hotelidouanfa.com
Do you want to participate in this incredible project? Contact us by email at contact@northafricadreamin.com to discuss possibilities together
You will find all the necessary information on our sponsorship page .
No worries, specific sessions for beginners will be proposed. This will be an opportunity to learn the solution.
Some sessions will be in French and others in English. You can find this information in the program of the day.
You can take your laptop if you wish, but it is not a requirement. The content of the sessions will be shared with the participants after the event.
A WiFi connection will be available at the event venue
There is no special dress to adopt for the event. No matter what you decide to wear, put on clothes in which you will be comfortable.
Yes, we are planning a lunch and snacks during the day
In addition to the animation all day, we will also offer goodies in memory of North Africa Dreamin'
We charge very low participation fees to the guests to cover a small part of the costs of renting the room and catering.
This event is organized by members of the Salesforce community, not by Salesforce employees.
Saleforce Int. provided us with support in terms of communication, speakers and other elements necessary for the organization such as a financial contribution for the room and goodies, but the entire project is supported by Casablanca Salesforce Developers Group only .