Designing Scalable Salesforce Applications with an Unlocked Package Architecture

This presentation will explore how to design scalable Salesforce applications using an unlocked package architecture. It will cover the importance of scalable design, the advantages of unlocked package architecture, and steps for designing scalable applications.
The presentation will include a demo of designing an application with unlocked package architecture and provide best practices and examples for designing scalable applications. This presentation is ideal for Salesforce developers and Architect who want to learn how to design scalable applications with greater control over code and dependencies.
I. Why a Scalable design is important ?
II. What is an Unlocked package Architecture ?
III. How Designing for Scalability
IV. Benefits of Unlocked Package Architecture
V. Demo: Designing a Scalable Application with Unlocked Package Architecture
(we can do it in French or in English)

Language: English Level: Expert Level: Intermediate Target: Architect Target: Developer
Location: QORTOBA Room Date: 21 October 2023 Time: 15:00 - 15:30 Lilas Lounes Simon Nowak