Universal API Management

Universal API management on Anypoint Platform is a collection of new and existing products that will provide MuleSoft customers a single control plane to enable comprehensive visibility, flexible management, and consistent governance at scale. It is the next evolution of API management, opening the scope of full lifecycle management capabilities to APIs that are built and deployed anywhere.

With Universal API management, enterprises will be able to work with APIs of any origin, in any architecture or environment while engaging their internal and external API ecosystems. Using new and updated products, MuleSoft’s goal with universal API management is to help our customers in the following ways:

– Accelerate application delivery
– Build modern architectures and applications
– Achieve consistent security and governance
– Create vibrant API ecosystems

Language: French Level: Intermediate Target: Admin Target: Architect Target: Developer Target: Marketing
Location: CHELLAH Room Date: 22 October 2022 Time: 14:40 - 15:10 Oumama Es-safi