Jacob Catalano

About Jacob:

Jacob Catalano is a Product Manager for Sercante Labs. With ten years of experience managing Salesforce and marketing automation platforms across several industries from healthcare to financial services, Jacob has moved out of managing a marketing team to help others grow.

Now, he enjoys taking his knowledge to help client marketing teams improve and enhance their digital marketing campaigns. Jacob’s mission is to provide tailored insight that will improve campaigns and make the process of creating, executing, and reporting on campaigns easier. His motivation is the feeling of validation when client marketing teams can prove to their executives and board that marketing is making a difference in revenue and brand recognition.

When Jacob is not working, you’ll find him on a stage performing in local and regional theater productions or cheering on his favorite sports teams.


Living Country: United States

Company: Sercante
Website: https://www.sercante.com/

Job Title: Product Manager, Sercante Labs
Main Position: Marketeer

Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacoblcatalano/
Twitter Profile:

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