Melissa Hill Dees

About Melissa:

Salesforce MVP Melissa Hill Dees has an MBA in Digital Entrepreneurship (December 2021) and is 8X Salesforce certified: Admin, Platform App Builder, Sales Cloud Consultant, Nonprofit Cloud Consultant, Sharing & Visibility Designer, UX Designer, Strategy Designer, & Business Analyst.

With 15 years of experience as a nonprofit executive and over 10 years leveraging Salesforce, her goal is to automate what can be automated so that humans have more time to do what can’t be automated.

She is a Founding Partner at HandsOn Connect, a Nonprofit Community Group Leader, Dreamforce and Points of Light speaker, Open Source Commons Sprinter, serves on the Board of Amplify, and is the co-founder of Nonprofit Dreamin and #foodforce.

She co-hosts Campfire Stories podcast and is a mentor for underrepresented voices.

In her free time, she advocates for #domoregood, #WiT, #EqualityForAll. Her favorite hobby is traveling! especially with her husband and daughter.

Living Country: United States

Company: HandsOn Connect/LlamaSite

Job Title: Founding Partner
Main Position: Architect

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