mustapha elhassak Mustapha El Hassak

About Mustapha:
*Mustapha EL HASSAK* is a Senior Technical Architect at Salesforce. He’s a Talend Expert and a SF Certified Technical Architect (CTA) Based in Morocco, working with customers since 11+ years delivering SF Core and CRM Analytics projects. You can connect with Mustapha on

*Zakaria SEMRI* is a Senior Technical Consultant at Salesforce. He has been part the Salesforce Ohana since 2019. He loves helping customers achieve success and unlock the real Salesforce value. He is also based in the Casablanca office.
You can connect with Zakaria on

Living Country: Morocco


Job Title: Sr. Technical Architect
Main Position: Architect

Linkedin Profile:,
Twitter Profile: @muselhassak

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