Pallavi Agarwal

About Pallavi:

As a strategic partner, I have focused my career on actualizing organizational synergy, consistent program management for large-scale initiatives, and empowering enterprise C-suite and executive leaders by helping them gain greater visibility and clarity into their data. Challenged with the lack of critical transparency, siloed tools, inefficient processes and program management, these leaders often turn to the wrong people and tools to solve their problems. Unfortunately, many organizations lack the internal expertise to fully utilize these tools, limiting their success in achieving their goals.

Leveraging my years of experience in supporting global brands, Federal sector clients, and advising clients on both complex and custom solutions, I now lead a team of creative, highly experienced experts in employing real-world strategies that help organizations better manage their projects, and track, market and connect with their customers.


Living Country: United States

Company: Kander Consult

Job Title: CEO & Founder
Main Position: Marketeer

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