Raphael Wulff

About Raphael:

I first deployed Salesforce in 2005 and got hooked. After being a Salesforce customer with 2 different organisations, I setup my own Salesforce practice in 2012 by focusing on Non Profits and training. Since then a lot has happenend and here we are a group of 20 professionals based in 3 continents.

I have worked on countless Salesforce Projects in Europe and in the US as an Admin, Project Manager, Data Analyst, Deployment engineer and most recently a Salesforce Trainer through our training platform Apsynergy Learning (apprendre.salesforce.apsynergy.com).


Living Country: France

Company: Apsynergy
Website: http://apsynergy.com

Job Title: Salesforce Coach and Founder at Apsynergy
Main Position: Trainer

Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/raphaelwulff/
Twitter Profile:

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