Agenda North Africa Dreamin’ 2019

L’édition 2019 de North Africa Dreamin a été un succès!

Nous remercions chaleureusement tous les speakers qui ont partagé leur expertise et leur expérience avec notre communauté.

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Opening Keynote | Let’s Succeed Together – The Power of the Trailblazer Community Mallory Ranahan Mallory Ranahan

The 3 million+ member Trailblazer Community is an incredible, global force of change for good. Join Senior Community Manager, Mallory Ranahan, for a look into how the Trailblazer Community has developed into the most unique community in business, all the ways you can get engaged, and how we can all succeed together.

Salesforce Community pour les nuls : de zéro à héros sur Community en 25 min Fabien Huot Fabien Huot

Vous voulez mettre en place une communauté pour vos clients ou vos partenaires mais vous ne savez pas par où commencer ?

Dans cette présentation, vous allez découvrir étape par étape comment mettre en place une communauté avec les fonctionnalités standards Salesforce mais aussi les plus avancées.

Depuis la selection d’un template jusqu’a la publication de votre communauté, la brique Community Cloud n’aura plus aucun secret pour vous.

Known and unknown Salesforce Marketing Cloud limitations… and some workarounds 😉 Cyril Louis Cyril Louis

As a Marketing Cloud newbie, you may want to be aware of Salesforce Marketing Cloud limitations! And as a veteran, you may have already faced some limitations…

So what if the Community could support you and share tips and tricks to anticipate limitations?

Join me in this session to learn from what I have faced around topics such as testing, data sync, lead scoring, customer journeys and more.

*Tips you don’t have from official online documentation*

Mulesoft Integration: a talk between SalesforceCat and SalesforceDog! Julio Fernández Julio Fernández

This is the story of how Max the Mule helped long time enemies #SalesforceCat and #SalesforceDog organise the best party ever.

SalesforceCat and SalesforceDog where trying to organise a party but SalesforceDog could not understand all the meoooooows from SalesforceCat, therefore the party planning was a disaster.

Fortunately Max the Mule stepped in with its amazing integration skills to help them understand each other and get the best party ever up and running.

Managing Data Integration is commonly one of the most important aspects of a Salesforce implementation. Companies need to have a good data migration strategy when they move from their legacy systems to Salesforce or simply when they want all their systems to seamlessly communicate.

You’ll learn how to use the out-of-the-box connectors provided by the Mulesoft Anypoint Platform to build scalable data integrations and flows with minimal code. Integrating with any application, data source and device, whether they are cloud-based or on-premise systems.

Lightning Web Components: A new journey has began for lightning components. Mohamed Aamer Ait Boutargante Mohamed Aamer Ait Boutargante

If you are a Salesforce Community Member, you surely heard about the new programming model : Lightning Web Components.

In my session we will realize together why was it so important to have a newer Framework, how can LWC interoperate with the original model Aura & how can we upgrade components from Aura to LWC easily and with simple tricks.

The Free Stuff Phil Walton Phil Walton

With so much to learn, so many new features, and so many cool things to build, what is the best way to get ahead with Salesforce?

Here is a great session from a 15 year veteran of the Salesforce community, on what resources you should be using to build and improve your Salesforce knowledge…and most importantly, every one of them is FREE!

l’IA avec Einstein Platform Services Mustapha El Hassak Mustapha El Hassak

Einstein Platform Services offre une variété d’API de Deep Learning permettant à tous les trailblazers d’utiliser le pouvoir de la reconnaissance d’image et le NLP (natural language processing) pour construire des applications AI-enabled, rapidement et efficacement.

Avec l’Einstein Platform Services, Vous pouvez itérer rapidement et facilement pour construire les plus précis des modèles sans la complexité de les créer et les gérer.

Rejoignez-nous dans cette session pour avoir une petite introduction à l’AI et le Deep learning et ensuite voir comment utiliser Einstein Vision et Einstein Language pour rendre vos applications encore plus intelligente.

Using Salesforce DX with Visual Studio Code Thierry Trouin Thierry Trouin

Welcome to the world of source-driven development.

After a short presentation of Salesforce DX, you will learn how to install the Command Line Interface (CLI), Visual Studio Code and useful plugins.

I will explain how you can create scratch Orgs for a client demo or POC, connect to existing Orgs (Developer Edition, Sandbox) as well as how you can import and export data.

Let’s explore the different tracks of Salesforce integration with your business applications Rachid Jettioui Rachid Jettioui

Chaque fois qu’on implémente Salesforce, on a besoin l’intégrer à d’autres applications. Bien que chaque scénario d’intégration soit unique, il existe des exigences communes et des problèmes que les développeurs doivent résoudre.

Quelles sont les solutions techniques que Salesforce propose pour échanger les informations avec d’autres applications ?

IdeaExchange Reimagined – Shaping Salesforce Products Scott Allan Scott Allan Carly Berman Carly Berman

Join members of the Salesforce Customer & Market Insights team, who want your help in reimagining how customers and partners can better influence the Salesforce product roadmap.

They’ll get you up to speed on what’s happening with the IdeaExchange, take you through the journey of an idea as it makes it way from conception to production, while soliciting your feedback on how to improve the experience.

Come ready to leave your mark on how products get planned. 

Einstein Analytics in the heart of the salesforce customer success platform Intissar Hafed Intissar Hafed Hamza Chagh Hamza Chagh

The goal of this session is to present a whole overview of the customer success platform with a special focus on Einstein Analytics.

This includes a big picture of the product, his capabilities and uncovers an Einstein Analytics consultant journey.

The presentation will be followed up by a Q/A session to interact with the attendees.

Quit Jesting and Test your Lightning Web Components Philippe Ozil Philippe Ozil

A wise developer once said “All code is guilty until proven innocent.”

Testing your code is critical and Lightning Web Components makes no exception to that rule. Join my session and learn how to test your components.

You’ll get an overview of the testing environment including the Jest framework.

I’ll demonstrate how you can test components in complete isolation with Apex mocking.

Salesforce CI/CD – a strategy for success Yassine Elqandili Yassine Elqandili

Somewhere on your journey using Salesforce (as an Admin or Developer), you’ve came across changesets & single org development. You’ve surely had to keep track all of your changes in a separate external location & had to make sure that you don’t override your colleague’s changes. Let alone having more than one team working on separate tracks on the same Org, who end up overriding each other at deployment time.

In this session, we’ll discover, together, how having the right CI/CD strategy will help overcome those challenges & beyond; how it helps satisfy all parties involved in a project: from Business to Development & change management & end users.

2 years with Salesforce DX: Tips & Tricks learned along the way Fabien Taillon Fabien Taillon

There is a lot a good documentation on how to start with DX. After starting though, you may have some unanswered questions:

What should I do with Profiles ?
How can I deploy metadata that includes usernames ?
What should I do with this push error that I’m not getting on Sandbox ?

These are just a subset of questions that may arise when going deeper in DX.

Come and see what we’ve learned in 2 years using Salesforce DX, the issues we’ve encountered and how we solve them.

Save Time, Use Lightning Object Creator! Fadwa Khattabi Fadwa Khattabi

Remember the days when you had to create an object, go create each individual field and then import data ?

Those days are over. Introducing Object Lightning Creator, a tool that will allow you to do these three steps at the same time.

Join me in this session to see how this works, what fields can be created as well as the limitation of this functionality.

Stop doing that! Apex good programming recipes based on true (bad) stories Daniel Expósito López Daniel Expósito López Álvaro Marfil Morón Álvaro Marfil Morón

As experienced Apex developers, we develop a toolkit of the best solutions to common problems. But the best code is delivered by teams.

How can we share best practices and experience with other developers, especially those new to the Lightning Platform?

This session will use bad implementations to demonstrate bad practice, and offer some practical solutions and advice. We will provide some recipes for common challenges to help your team build stronger, faster and more reliable Salesforce apps.

Chatter is your friend – How to leverage Chatter for project management René Görgens René Görgens

Have you ever felt frustrated, or overwhelmed, by the amount of emails sent in a project? Have you accidentally been left out of the loop and missed important information?

Then this session is for you. If you decide to use Chatter for project management, you’ll be less worried about project communication.

You’ll get insight into leveraging Chatter groups as well as record-level Chatter on project management objects in order to maintain serenity in your project communication.

How Flow Can Help You Become a Developer Meighan Brodkey Meighan Brodkey

Learn how apex design patterns and limits apply to flow, and how you can use flow to become a developer.

Hear about Meighan’s journey from Admin to developer and the impact Flow had on that journey.

See how best practices in Flow that are used every by admin apply to code, and can help you make that jump from admin to admineloper less scary, and how the confidence you have in your admin skills can be used to help lead the way to writing better code with Apex.

Closing Keynote | Go Further – Go Together Christie Fidura Christie Fidura

There is an African proverb which says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” This is what the Salesforce community believes: work alone to get things done, but work together to go further than you could have imagined.

Join Christie for this enlightening session where you will learn about the change created by the Salesforce Trailblazer Community when they support and encourage one another. In this session, you will hear stories of amazing individuals who took that first step and blazed a trail that everyone can follow.

Lightforce 2020 Road to Morocco Nouha Zellal Nouha Zellal

Lightforce is a global initiative that is part of the United Nations development agenda and aims to bring safe, modern renewable energy to as many people as possible throughout the world.

After the success achieved in several countries in Africa including Kenya and Senegal, Lightforce is targeting underdeveloped villages in Morocco to bring them light.

Join us to know more about this initiative and help us change the life of a whole village.